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AHC Media has been providing medical education to healthcare professionals for four decades. Over the years, AHC Media has garnered more awards for its content than any other healthcare publisher. In 1974, AHC Media, formerly American Health Consultants began with a single title, Hospital Infection Control. We have grown in the years since to more than 25 titles serving a broad spectrum of professionals in health care.

AHC Media's incisive, useful publications assist more than 25,000 healthcare professionals per month stay current in the fields of clinical medicine, healthcare and hospital management and emergency medicine. Our leading titles include Emergency Medicine Reports, Hospital Infection Control & Prevention, Internal Medicine Alert, and many more, which offer continuing education and continuing medical education. Publications are offered both in print and online formats.

In addition to its educational newsletters, AHC Media publishes special reports and study guides and offers webinars on a variety of health care topics, all with CME/CE.

AHC Media: For Four Decades: Winning More Awards for the Medical Education You Need.

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