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About Us

AHC Media provides medical education to healthcare professionals in order to improve patient care and outcomes. Over four decades, AHC Media has fostered professional development through award-winning healthcare and clinically related content in emergency medicine, hospital management and clinical medicine. AHC's independent medical and healthcare editorial boards are from the best teaching institutions in the world.

AHC Media provides current and unbiased content to a broad spectrum of professionals in healthcare.  Physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators find our concise, informative style an easy way of staying informed in their fields.

In addition to its educational publications, AHC Media publishes special reports and study guides on a variety of healthcare topics, most offering continuing education. Learners who prefer interactive training choose AHC Media's Webinar Series. Topics provide the latest insight on Medicare and Medicaid's changing hospital and healthcare regulations.

freeCME.com, a division of AHC Media, provides current continuing education activities with credits at no charge to thousands of its members each month on a wide range of medical topics.

AHC Media's Publications include:

  • Subscription Publications ("Newsletters")
    • Case Management Advisor
    • Clinical Cardiology Alert
    • Contraceptive Technology Update
    • Critical Care Alert
    • ED Management
    • ED Legal Letter
    • Emergency Medicine Reports
    • Hospital Access Management
    • Hospital Case Management
    • Hospital Employee Health
    • Hospital Infection Control
    • Hospital Medicine Alert
    • Hospital Peer Review
    • Healthcare Risk Management
    • Infectious Disease Alert
    • Integrative Medicine Alert
    • Internal Medicine Alert
    • IRB Advisor
    • Medical Ethics Advisor
    • Neurology Alert
    • OB/GYN Clinical Alert
    • Primary Care Reports
    • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Alert
    • Same-Day Surgery
    • Trauma Reports
  • Books/Study Guides, eBooks / Study Guides and Special Reports
  • Webinars
  • As well as award winning blogs:

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